KTM Management


KTM Management (KTM) is a dynamic asset management company serving the oil and gas industry

Through their proprietary software, they provide volumetric accounting services for crude oil pipeline systems and a crude oil terminal.

project brief

We built a long-term partnership with KTM, improving a custom desktop application that integrates with Quickbooks and designing several websites for the company.

In the spring of 2019, they approached us with a custom web application project. KTM was frustrated by the recurring fees of a SaaS product they were using, coupled with a growing list of feature improvements they required. To alleviate these issues, we built KTM their own volumetric accounting software.

services provided

First, we spent time creating a relationships model, outlining business processes, defining calculations, and creating user flows and wireframes.

We tested a few 3rd party tools to integrate and began building a web application using .NET Core for the backend and React for the frontend.

Each month, KTM receives oil allocations reports from its shippers, which are entered into the system and reconciled against actual meter data received from each pipeline.

Once all reconciliations are complete, invoices are generated and sent to the appropriate oil shipper using Mailgun’s API, a solution that maximizes transactional email deliverability using industry-standard techniques with auditable activity logs. Through integrations with IronPDF and EPPlus libraries, the system provides dynamic reporting capabilities for KTM’s internal use and customer-specific needs.


Their Volumetric Accounting System has removed a recurring expense from their OPEX and has shortened payment times from shippers.

They now have the opportunity to target new markets previously inaccessible to them.