How We Solve Problems

how we work


We subscribe to an iterative development methodology, breaking up complex projects into smaller, consumable development segments.

This allows us to receive feedback early and often, so we can make adjustments with ease, if needed.

We employ a variety of QA strategies throughout product development and encourage user acceptance testing from our clients as well. Once we deploy your technology solution, we will provide you with a recommended monthly maintenance budget.

We’ve crafted a successful process, and try to follow it as closely as we can on each project. However, we practice what we preach, so we’re flexible about meeting you where you need us to produce the best results for your company.

What will my dedicated product manager do?

  • Advocate on your behalf
  • Manage the team members assigned to your project
  • Ensure we sustain a lean and efficient product development approach
  • Speak in a language you’ll understand

Project Phases


We embark upon a journey with you to gain as much information as possible from a 10,000-foot view, informing our proposal and ensuring a productive Kickoff Meeting.

Deliverable: Proposal


Our product team executes a planning phase that is part design and part tech. We believe that proper planning upfront saves time and money when we build your product. This phase is broken into two parts, and specific tasks and deliverables are customized based on the needs of each project.

Product Definition:
You’ll work in collaboration with a product designer and product manager to solidify your vision.

Deliverables: MVP feature list, user flows, and wireframes

Technical Analysis:
We’ll research and test any third party tools that might be beneficial or necessary for your application.

Deliverables: Architecture diagram, database ERD, and updated Build estimates


Our product designers work closely with our software engineers to take a human-centered approach to implementing a functional and engaging experience for users of the product.

Deliverables: Product releases/demos at various points and eventually a fully-functioning and market-ready product


QA processes are woven throughout the Build Phase, but once a product is complete, our QA team spends time running final acceptance checks and submitting any missed bugs before deploying.

Deliverables: Product releases/demos at various points and eventually a fully-functioning and market-ready product


We build analytics into all of our products, so our partners can begin collecting data on what’s working and what’s not.

Deliverables: A product that gathers insights for you


Just because we launch your product, it doesn’t mean our relationship with you ends. As we near the end of the Build Phase, we will discuss what ongoing support looks like for you and will craft a plan that allows us to be a committed partner when and where you need us.

Deliverables: A recommended monthly maintenance budget