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We partner with entrepreneurs and business leaders to build transformative technology solutions.

By putting business goals first and technology second, we achieve more impactful outcomes.

We speak in terms like ROI, Traction, Business Objectives, and Customer Experience more often than Agile, Sprint, Tech Stack, and API. But we’re happy to speak geek, if you’d like.

Our software engineers, product designers, product managers, quality assurance engineers, brand consultants, and graphic designers are located across the United States and make us one of the top software development companies in the USA.

Our Services

We help our clients navigate the technology landscape in a variety of ways, but most often it falls into one of the following categories:

Fresh Work


ground-up gifting app

A founder duo was looking to launch a first-of-its-kind platform for charitable giving.

We workshopped and collaborated with the Feels team to strategize, brand, design, and build a custom software application that enables the gifting of charitable donations.

Camp Bow Wow

task management system

A franchisee was experiencing inefficiencies at his pet care facilities.

We built a web-app designed for both desktop and iPad to manage tasks and details that were impacting the company’s bottom line. We also created a tracking system using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons.


mobile device battery rental company

CEO & COO looking to expand their customer base and build a deeper connection to it.

We designed and implemented their mobile app, integrating with their existing backend, to help customers locate kiosks, manage their account information, and make payments.

Favorite Tools

We have lots of tools in our chest.

We Aim to Please

What took me 10 hours now takes me 30 minutes. I am saving so much time, thanks to our new work order management system!

Carmelo GutierrezProject Manager at Wallace C. Drennan

Their team lays out project phases and cost estimates for each phase. If they think there will be a cost increase, they contact us and let us know in advance. It’s a positive and transparent experience working with them.

Kyle T. MarksKTM Management Owner

Our vendor priorities are communication, value, and quality. LookFar Labs exceeded our expectations for each, and we anticipate working with them for many years to come.

Shawn LitchfieldGolfDraft Challenge

The Product Managers at LookFar Labs have the ability to translate our business needs to a tech solution in a way that we could not do without them.

Mark TullisLCI Workers’ Comp Admin

As the founder of an early stage startup, where things change quickly, I appreciate their flexibility and iterative approach to software development.

Ethan CheramieOSS Founder & CEO