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Direct Hire

We know who you need, because we need them too.

Looking to add a W2 to your team? As a software services company, we’re intimately aware of the skills and attributes required to work in a tech role. Plus, we work with lots of contractors, so our network is extensive.

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How You Benefit

Hire in a Fraction of the Time

Simply interview vetted candidates. No more ads, post monitoring, or stacks of resumes.

Get Better Candidates

We go the distance to provide you with top talent- both active and passive job seekers.

Replace Candidates Swiftly

Our 60-Day Guarantee assures that you won’t have to worry about the headache of a placement who doesn’t work out within the first 60 days.

Easily Track Candidates

Receive notifications about new candidates and track the ones you like as they move through our Kanban board of hiring stages.

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How It Works

We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your business.

Step 1: Onboarding

Our recruiter will learn the ins and outs of the role and your company’s culture and org structure. Then, we get you set-up in our candidate tracker portal.

Step 2: Search Activation

We begin sourcing and vetting candidates, and we only notify you of high quality matches.

Step 3: Candidate Interviews

We fully manage the scheduling process, and we establish a weekly feedback loop with you, enabling us to make adjustments swiftly.

Step 4: Finalize Placement

Once you identify the candidate you want to hire, we make the paperwork and payment process a breeze.

Step 5: Satisfaction Check-Ins

We set-up a check-in cadence with you and the new hire to ensure a smooth transition for both parties throughout the first 60 days.

What It Costs

We keep it simple and reward you for loyalty.

We take a percentage of the placement’s first year salary on their start date. The percentage cut lowers as you hire more people through us.

Payment Levels
1-2 Hires @ 25%
3-5 Hires @ 22%
6+ Hires @ 20%

Who We Serve

We work with companies of all sizes across a variety of industries. Sometimes we’re working alongside HR/Talent Acquisition teams, and sometimes we are the HR/Talent Acquisition team.

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