We Seek Passion

how we hire


We aim to make an impact in everything we do, so we look for people who care as much as we do.

Building digital products with an agency requires an extreme attention to detail and an endless capacity for discovery. We move quickly, and work on multiple projects at a time. So, being organized and having a desire to constantly learn new industries, new processes, and new tools is core to our culture.


In an effort to make sure we’re a good fit for one another, first we offer a contract-to-hire position.

How long is a
Typically, we aim to have at least a 3-month contract to start.
Are contracts
available for
any position?
Is the pay hourly
or fixed?
Depends on the project/need.
Where do you
need to be
Typically, anywhere in the U.S.
Are contracts
tied to a specific
Typically, yes with the potential for working on multiple projects.
Are there any
Not until you convert to full-time, but you will be invited to team events.


If things go well on both sides, and the business has a need to fill a full-time role, then you will be first in line.

Do I need to
move to
New Orleans?
  • No.
  • We have a distributed team.
  • But, we’d love to have you, if you’re looking for a new home.
What financial
benefits do you
  • Health, vision, and dental
  • 401K matching
  • Profit-sharing
What lifestyle
benefits do you
  • Remote-friendly work
  • Unlimited PTO
  • New Parent Leave
Do you have
perks specific to
  • Pet-friendly office space
  • Coffee, snacks, & pizza Thursdays
  • Office space parking
Do you have
team events?
  • Annual Tubing Trip
  • Holiday Party
  • Team lunches & dinners
What is your
COVID policy?
  • We require vaccination or testing within 72 hours of any event.
  • Co-working space has the same policy above.
  • We ask that people with symptoms get tested.


We understand that not everyone wants to be committed. If you would prefer to mix us in with other projects and work on an hourly basis, then we’d love to have you join our freelance network.

Is there a
minimum number
of hours?
We try our best to give you a set number of hours per week
Can the work be
Yes, we try our best to match you to a project that meets your availability.
How much
notice will I get
to consider new
Typically, we try to reach out a week ahead of the start date.
Do I get paid for
Yes, when it’s an existing partner. No, if it’s in the sales process.
Will I get
invited to team
Generally, we invite anyone who has worked with us for more than 3 months.
If I’m local, can
I work out of
the office?

“We believe a team is most successful when it’s composed of people with diverse backgrounds, flourishing in the environments that suit them best”

Lindsay Fox, VP Sales & Brand Strategy