Founded in 2008, CivicSource is the leading online marketplace for auctioning and purchasing tax-delinquent assets.

They have collected over $400M on behalf of their 80+ taxing authority clients across 4 states.

project brief

What started as a Staff Augmentation engagement quickly turned into a Solution Architecture partnership.

CivicSource contracted us because their internal team was at capacity maintaining legacy systems, and they had aggressive goals to launch new products.

First, we created Send, a digital service for sending physical mail in an automated fashion, a key component of the compliance process.

CivicSource then brought us in as a true partner to help them strategize and execute upon a whole new suite of products, which we are actively developing in close collaboration with their product and design teams.

services provided

Solution Architecture

App Development

Product Design


We are building a platform comprised of a suite of products that automate the transactions of buying and selling tax-delinquent assets from end-to-end.

It is a web based platform, primarily built in Node.js, React, and Postgres. Like the majority of our products, we host it on AWS.
This highly complex system has a number of 3rd party integrations, interfaces with a variety of hardware components, and aggregates data from a number of sources, each with their own nomenclature, schema, and nuances.


All of the products are still in development, but based on load testing, Send can handle 160K letters before encountering a single bottleneck, which is 5x faster than their current system, and 10x faster when optimal input parameters are applied.

There are a number of success metrics we are targeting such as increased revenue, throughput efficiency, and market expansion, as this suite of products should redefine their business model in a variety of ways.