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How To Scale Your Software Development Team With Staff Augmentation

If you need to boost production for your current development team, staff augmentation is a common and successful means of outsourcing work. This is a process of seamlessly incorporating remote workers into an in-house project to increase output and speed up turnaround times. Part of the beauty of staff augmentation is that it is temporary. Rather than taking on permanent team members, your upgraded staff will be available for as long or as little as you need them. Could staff augmentation be the right option for you? Here is how staff augmentation from LookFar Labs can benefit your software development team.

Why Would You Need To Augment Your Team?

Business growth is a top goal in the tech industry. After all, increased visibility and higher project volume are the lifeblood of the company. However, you may find that your team is not equipped to handle the new flood of business that comes with it. This can result in extended deadlines and slower turnaround times. This may also pose the risk of losing new business connections. Staff augmentation is your solution to stay on top of the demand.

Staff augmentation is a cost-effective resource for temporarily expanding your team. The right staff augmentation company will find candidates that match the required abilities for your project and provide you high-quality potential recruits. You have the final say in who is and is not approved for the job and then loop them into your project or campaign. This way, you don’t have to expend time, money, or energy on interviews and bringing on full-time hires. Trained account managers or head developers handle the delegation of your project and your augmented team. They will see it through to completion, all while maintaining direct communication with you.

Staff Augmentation For Improved Software Development

How can you make the most out of staff augmentation for your software development? Once you’ve curated your new recruits, how do you make sure that processes run optimally? Here are a few notes to keep in mind.

When working with a staff augmentation company and adding new members to your team, make sure to share your project goals and company vision. Specifically, be able to communicate what you want a recruited developer to build and why this is important to your company. Sharing realistic, achievable steps gives your new developers the direction they need to deliver success. This also gives your staff augmentation company the tools needed to find the right candidates for your job.

Once you have cemented your team, make sure to clearly define roles for each new member. Each internal and external developer should fully grasp their purpose and responsibilities. Also, have your members document their coding throughout each stage of the project. This helps to catch risks and mistakes faster, keep projects running smoothly, and ensure that work is completed in your initial time frame. Turn your business around with the right staff augmentation services. 

Take Care of Your Outstaffing Needs With LookFar Labs!

LookFar Labs seeks to provide you with technology solutions from staff augmentation to solving problems within your existing processes. Take the first steps towards augmenting your development team by perusing our network of highly skilled candidates located all over the United States. View resumes, schedule interviews, and build your perfect team of developers to increase your capacity. If you are ready to begin growing and improving your software development team, contact us today!

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