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How Can a User Research Company Save You Money?

User research is an essential part of the app development process, and this doesn’t end with simple usability testing. While user research does ensure your application offers an easy function for end-users, it also determines the overall success and projected return a business can expect after its launch. This process also directly influences the app and software design process. Learn more about how a user research company can help you save time and money.

Let’s Start With the Basics

One of the hardest lessons for a company to learn is that while they are designing their product for an end-user, the company and its team are not the users. The purpose of researching a user’s interaction or success with a company’s product establishes an emotional connection between the two. An application or software product is developed with two factors in mind: to offer solutions to specific problems for the user and to align with a business’s goals. To have the most success with your application, you want to ensure that it is not only pleasing to the eye and smooth in its function but also offers value to the end-user. This is where user research comes into play. 

User Research

Also known as user experience (UX) research, this is the collection of information through individual interviews and surveys to study how a member of your audience interacts with your application. This information gives businesses direct insight into how their application or program performs, as well as how users connect to it. The findings from this research impact the design process. There are two portions to the user research process: qualitative research and quantitative research. 

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research questions why your users’ experience came to a specific result. If they had a negative experience, this research targets stress points and determines what factors evoked certain emotions when using your application. Interviews utilize open-ended questions and push for non-numerical, opinion-based answers. Qualitative research provides human insight, while quantitative research draws out objective data. 

Quantitative Research

Conversely, quantitative research focuses on the opposite, using surveys to gather specific, measurable data from your end-user. This may include how often they used your application during the week or how much time was spent. Quantitative research pinpoints patterns among your users that help you to better determine the actions of your audience as a whole.

Your research determines the relevance of your program or application, its ease of use, and whether or not it will provide a return on investment. This sounds like a pretty important facet of app development, right? Unfortunately, some companies leave this portion of the process out altogether. While it can be easy to forgo the user research portion of app development, it can be very costly to its post-launch success. If you launch your application without insight into how and why your user experiences it, it may result in time and money spent on re-coding or worse—market failure. This is where an experienced user research company can help!

How Can a User Research Company Benefit You?

Rather than delegating time internally for user research or skipping it altogether, a design agency can help you to save money on the front and backend of development. A user research company works hand-in-hand with you throughout their research process. They begin by developing a thorough understanding of your application. They determine its purpose for your company, its value to your audience, and who your target audience is. By working with a design agency with years of experience, you can take the stress of user research off your shoulders and promote a more successful launch-ready product. 

At LookFar Labs, we perform concept testing before the design and building process to determine whether or not you should rework your strategy. Then, we move into contextual inquiries to uncover the end-users experience with your product. Next, we conduct moderated user interviews focused on your product to determine user patterns. As we gather the information from the prior research phases, we constantly test the usability of your product to ensure user satisfaction. Finally, we gain information and feedback regarding your app or software through user surveys. With the findings from this user research, we can then move forward into building prototypes or suggest changes to your live product.

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