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Will AI Replace Software Development Agencies?

Software Development Agencies Must Embrace AI

With the launch of Open AI’s GPT Store on January 10th, it’s clear that we’ve entered the “Democratization of AI” era. What once seemed to be a cerebral term that the layman couldn’t begin to explain or wrap their head around is now becoming as accessible and commonplace as an app from Apple’s App Store.

The optimists are celebrating the dawn of hyper-efficiency, productivity, and innovation while the skeptics are cautioning the potential for job displacement, inequality, and over-dependence on technology. There’s merit to both schools of thought. When it comes to the future of software development agencies, it seems the industry should abide by the adage, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

There are a lot of ways that AI can benefit a software services agency. While it can be daunting to think about changing your team’s processes, especially for larger teams, it will be worth it and necessary in the long run. Below are some of the ways we’re planning to implement AI into our operations:

Automation of Repetitive Development Tasks

AI is great for automating routine and repetitive tasks, such as code generation, testing, and deployment. Two tools we’ve been using are Cursor, an AI-powered code editor, and Copilot, GitHub’s AI developer tool. Both products enable engineers to focus on more complex and creative aspects of software development by managing tedious tasks and mitigating errors.

This is a screenshot of the Cursor IDE.

Predictive Analytics for Project Management

Predictive models can help in estimating project timelines, identifying potential bottlenecks, and optimizing resource allocation. There’s a tool that we’ve been testing out called pre.dev, which expedites the proposal creation process by producing a project plan, including the software architecture, in real time. While this isn’t contextual enough to weigh all factors, it can provide a better starting point for our product managers.

Requirement for Hiring

As we’ve been evaluating new full-time team members and contractors, their experience and/or mindset about AI is now a key factor. A core value of our team has always been to be a perpetual student. We foster a culture of curiosity and encourage team members to test out new technology. Right now, it’s a top priority for both existing and new team members at LookFar Labs to embrace AI. 

Sales & Marketing Automation

There are a plethora of AI tools that can benefit the sales & marketing sides of a software agency or any other business, especially small ones like us. Chatbots have been around for years now, but advancements in AI have improved them immensely. ICYMI, Canva has an incredibly powerful AI image generator, which we highly recommend exploring. Last but not least, we’re excited to test drive Descript, a new AI-powered video content creation platform.

The GPT Store is growing by the week, and it seems we’re going to quite literally have everything on demand and at our fingertips through these nifty GPT apps. Similar to the film industry with the transition from 35mm film to digital acquisition, there are Luddites in software development who will resist incorporating AI into their processes. However, this is a foolish stance and one that ultimately won’t survive. The agencies that embrace the power of AI will continue to surge ahead of their competitors.

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Lindsay Fox

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